Floto Slim Briefcases

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Floto Leather Slim Briefcase

Floto slim briefcases are handmade in Italy with 100%  genuine leather.  We use only the highest quality leather and materials available to make our slim cases.  Some of our slim briefcases are offered in different colors like Vecchio Brown, Olive (Honey) Brown, Tuscan Red, and Black.

Venezia Slim

$148.85 $229.00

Firenze Slim

$174.30 $249.00

Milano Slim

$161.85 $249.00

Milano Sleeve

$186.75 $249.00

Toscana Slim

$139.30 $299.00

Procida Slim

$299.25 $399.00

Cortona Slim

$171.75 $229.00