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  • 3 Things to Consider When Buying New Carry-On Luggage

    Skipping the baggage claim is always the goal when travelling. Selecting the perfect carry-on luggage is the first step in meeting this resolution. Even if you end up having to check a bag or two, you need your carry-on luggage to be comfortable, easy to organize, and, of course, stylish. Here are a few things to consider.
  • Hand Stain Tannery Tour

    Working with real hand stained vegetable tanned leather is a complete addiction. Come take a tannery tour and find out how our famous hand stained leather is made.
  • Floto – the Older the Better

    Joe Floto’s Parma Duffle has been a trusted travel companion for the past 5 years – making countless trips to Italy and Europe. As the bags designer and tester, Joe has put his Parma through the wringer.
  • How to Care for Your Leather Briefcase

    Leather is a material commonly used to make purses, handbags, duffle bags and briefcases leather.  Although it is a commonly used product among professionals, very few people actually know how to take care of their leather briefcase.
  • 4 Things You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview

    Ease the stress of your next job interview by packing a leather briefcase the night before. Also, take a minute to make sure your bag is clean and without any visible stains or scratches.
  • 2020 Winter Styles To Pair With Your Favorite Leather Bag

    WInter is here. And it’s time to transition your accessories from light and cool to warm and functional. When it comes to your daily handbag, this means investing in a new leather tote. Here are a few ways to pair your leather bags with Winter 2020 fashions.
  • 3 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Leather Wallet for You

    There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect wallet. Leather wallets are our top pick, as they are timeless and will last for years. However, you may require more than one wallet to meet all your needs. 
  • Our Top 5 Picks for Her This Season

    Not sure what to get the ladies on your gift list this holiday season? Here are our top 5 picks for your 2019 Holiday Shopping List.
  • Our Top 5 Picks for Him This Season

    The holiday season is here. So if you have yet to start shopping, let us inspire your search with a few of our favorites. Here are our top 5 picks for him this season.
  • How to set your Floto Combination Briefcase Lock

    The high quality Floto Amiet lock is easy to set - simply put pressure on the left knob and at the same time use a ball point pen to assist in turning the wheels to the desired code.  After the code is set release the knob.
  • How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

    Whether you are traveling by car, train, or plane, you want your leather tote bags to have everything you need for your weekend getaway. Here’s ho...
  • 3 Tips for Traveling With a Carry-on Bag Only

    Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer vacation that you don’t want to waste a minute of standing in airport security—these tips will help you...