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  • Hand Stain Tannery Tour

    Working with real hand stained vegetable tanned leather is a complete addiction. Come take a tannery tour and find out how our famous hand stained leather is made.
  • How to set your Floto Combination Briefcase Lock

    The high quality Floto Amiet lock is easy to set - simply put pressure on the left knob and at the same time use a ball point pen to assist in turning the wheels to the desired code.  After the code is set release the knob.
  • Floto – the Older the Better

    Joe Floto’s Parma Duffle has been a trusted travel companion for the past 5 years – making countless trips to Italy and Europe. As the bags designer and tester, Joe has put his Parma through the wringer.
  • Why Leather Makes the Best Laptop Bag for Men

    With the exception of a few vintage gems, the briefcase of our parent’s generation is drab and dated. Modern men need a bag they can fit their el...
  • Why Every Fashionista Needs At Least One Leather Tote Bag

    As you build your capsule wardrobe or look for fun new ways to express your signature style, at least one leather tote bag is required. Here’s why...
  • 4 Common Misconceptions About Leather Backpacks

    As with most things, there are a few misconceptions about leather backpacks. Many misconceptions come about as a result of superstition, the bad e...
  • What Kind of Person Are You, According to Your Bag of Choice?

    Leather bags are more than a fashion accessory. They can say a lot about your personality and the type of person you are. Those who like to adven...
  • Summer must-haves to pair with your leather handbag

    Trends are great, but there are some summer-time staples that every woman should have in their closet. Obviously, a leather hand bag is first on ou...
  • A Duffle Bag vs A Rolling Suitcase: Which Should I Take on My Next Trip?

    Your personal needs and destination will help determine whether a rolling suitcase or leather duffle bag is the better solution. And it’s important for shoppers to understand the key differentiating factors between these two forms of luggage to make a decision they won’t regret later down the road.
  • Airline Luggage Restrictions

    Airlines have been enforcing size and weight limits more strictly now than in the past.  If you show up and your luggage is too big they will force...
  • 5 Reasons to Purchase a Leather Duffle Bag

    So, you need a bag for the gym, travel, or work, but you don’t want to look like you’re carrying around a lady’s purse. Buying a new fashion-forward bag may be new territory, but we’re happy to show you the ropes. There are plenty of masculine material options, including canvas, polyester, and, of course, leather.
  • Explore the Heart of Rome

    Trastevere means “across the Tiber River,” which is where this bohemian quarter sits, abutting the Gianicolo Hill on the south side of Vatican City. Like many European cities, Rome has its “Left Bank” area, and Trastevere is it.