Floto – the Older the Better

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Joe Floto’s Parma Duffle has been a trusted travel companion for the past 5 years – making countless trips to Italy and Europe. As the bags designer and tester, Joe has put his Parma through the wringer – “I always check it, toss it and kick it – my old apartment in the West Village was a walk up – on several occasions I had too much to carry and kicked it down 3 flights of stairs – I just brush a little dirt off and it’s fine!”

We recently commissioned artist Selene De Condat to shoot Joe’s Parma Duffle in Paris.  Selene perfectly captures the patina and beauty of Joe’s loyal Parma Duffle Bag.

The Parma Collection is the very top of our leather line and is handcrafted from premium full grain Italian calfskin.  We do not use any chemicals to make our Parma leather – it’s leather tanning the natural way. To make a Parma bag we start by selecting the leather hides with the least amount of blemishes.  Next, we tumble the hides in drums with our special cognac vegetable dye. The result is a soft, natural leather that will get better as it ages – each bag takes on a unique look and darkens like a saddle over time.  All Parma Bags are finished with precision Swiss made stainless steel zippers and hardware.