Behind the scenes - making Parma Leather

Floto Parma Edition Leather is a premium Italian calfskin that has been tumbled with our special chestnut extracts and natural tanning oils. The result is a soft, natural leather that will get better as it ages - each bag takes on a unique look and darkens like a saddle over time. No chemicals are used in the tanning process - only natural vegetable dye - it's leather tanning the natural way. 

Recently, we visited the tannery that makes our Parma Leather in Santa Croce, Italy. Take a quick tour with us below to see how our Parma leather is made:

leather tanning drums



Giovanni loads a drum with raw Parma hides, chestnut powder, and our special cognac vegetable die.






leather tanning drum





The Parma hides timber in the chestnut chestnut extracts for 48 hours





Floto Parma Leather Hides




The Parma hides are then taken to the drying room where they will dry for two weeks.  Each leather hide on average will produce one Parma Bag. 





Pelle VegetaleKnow where your leather comes from
- Floto only uses natural vegetable dyes and tanneries that are part of Italy's Pelle Conciata al Vegetale. Find out more about the ancient passion of vegetable tanning at